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want to choose collage but not sure were to go!!!!!??!!!? Answered

want a place that will teach me how to design cars and stuff
write computer code
and build/design engineering/archetechture type things


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If you are super smart... i think college is a good choice. However if you are an average shmo... like me... I think you would be better off learning a trade at a technical school.  Skills like WELDING and airconditioning/heating... or any plumbing business...or starting your own business -- look to me like MUCH wiser choices.  By the time you get out of college, the computers will be so advanced they will write their own software.  Car design will be done by very few people.  I hear that about 40 percent of college freshmen fail to finish college... and many graduates cannot find jobs... and all of them have LOTS of debt.  So... Get a SKILL that won't go obsolete... then you can earn a living and be happy.

Just go for something solid and decent.
Hard-core science for example (e.g. physics). Learning stuff at an advanced level isn't so much about the subject, it's more "brain-training".
If you can handle complicated concepts and computers you are set-up for all three (that you mention) - people will teach you the specifics if you have grasped the fundamentals.


You might want to find a college which offers courses in remedial English.

When I read "collage" I was ready to suggest an art school.

But if you can do the math you can't go far wrong in the engineering field.  Get the degree and the internship and you can just about do anything you want.  It proves that you have a well rounded education in the mechanics and physics of life and will open doors up in places you never even knew about.

You don't say where you are in the world, so I can't be more specific, but mechatronics is probably the best way to cover some of your interests. At the scale of architecture though, you'd be looking at civil engineering, which isn't going to cover fine mechanisms and electronics.

I'm afraid you're going to have to pick one, at least to start with, and possibly take some electives in the others.

Learning basic programming can be done almost anywhere.

For the rest ... that sounds like it would be multiple fields. Unless you're talking only about the aesthetic design rather than actually making things function.

Best suggestion I have is to find a good engineering school that also has  strong architecture/design programs, take some classes in both, and see which one you want to focus on.

I'm an engineer by inclination, so I'm biased.