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want to display my text on a tft lcd like sony bravia using db9 input Answered

          i am working on a project.. my last phase is to display the text on any lcd (other the alphanumeric and small mobile lcds) i wish to display my text on sony bravia using its db9 input.. well apart from this lcd i can also display my text on any tft monitor... i just need some help about the circuit to use and how to display....

about my project:
                                my project is that i am getting a sms on my reciving module i-e sony Ericsson t-290 and through a rs-232 data cable my msg is retrieved via at-command into the microcontroller after passing through max 232 converter then it is displayed on the led display..

work to do:
now apart from the led display i want to display it on the big tft lcd or tft monitor for that i might need a video circuit consisting of video ic's etc.. i need help in building that..



Yeah, not possible over that interface.


7 years ago

I believe the serial port in a Bravia (and probably most other TVs) is for remote control from a computer, not for displaying images. If you want to show an image you'll have to generate an appropriate signal, which can be done but isn't a simple task.

It doesn't seem to be an easy task to generate an RGB signal to display, which is what I assume your larger monitors and that TV requires as an input signal.