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want to put an engine on bicycle, Any ideas? Answered

I live up a big hill and riding down is fun but going up is a pain. want to fix this with a motor, What kind should I use? Where can i buy it? How much doese it cost?


Know its a bit late, but, there a number of bicycle engine kits available on the interwebs. Try boygofast on ebay, pistonbikes.com, bikeberry.com, thatsdax.com (a good one, this guy sells great engines and has wonderful customer service, I can vouch for that.)

As for price, you are looking at 150 to 250 USD.

No kid you'll hurt yourself.

Look to the right of thispost


8 years ago

There is a guy on Youtube who puts jet engines on Bicycles. He has a website with motors and everything!! Check it out!

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Buy a chain-saw, they have a clutch and sprocket.
So for "How much doese it cost?" go looking...