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want to study robotics.Which engineering branch should I take for this? Answered

I like robotics very much.for this I've to study Engineering.I'm not able to decide which branch would be good so that I can do my Masters degree in robotics.Please Tell me all the possible streams which I can take.help me


I want to become an robotics engg.
Which course should take in 11th
Now I am studying in class10

Mechatronics is the study of mechanics, electronics, and robotics all in one. Try to find out more about it and see what you're into. Caitlinsdad is correct. many branches of robotics will get you the basics. To master robotics, you could get a career in them all, or find a general robotics degree. It's your future. What will you make of it?

In a broad sense, any engineering field will get you the basics and be pertinent to advanced studies in robotics because robotics has such a diverse application. What interests you in robotics? Pick a direction that you will enjoy. Electrical - control circuits and feedback, motors, power, sensors Computer Science - feedback systems, programming, controls Mechanical - physical design, gears, manipulative devices, powertrain Chemical - batteries, nano-technology, even pre-med/biology for medical applications Civil - construction, automation Physics/Math - design, logic, processes Really, have a sincere interest in something and see where it will take you. Good luck.