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wat can i do with a pic12f683? Answered

help on a vvvv cool projects with pic12f683


check these out: forgive the lack of explanations, I'm just a little tired from my recent injury.

water level sensor

motor controller

learning board

I simply googled and got a lot of stuff

good luck!
it sounds a fun chip, I might have to have a look at one, one day over xmas!

any thing so that i can use a led as a light sensor

I've made many projects using this processor, and I have found it to be very versatile and easy to use. Its my favorite of the 8 pin 8 bit PICs. Inexpensive with tons of features.

I have a few instructables published here that use it, with source code, hex code, and schematics attached. I may even have a couple more coming out in the near future..

Many of the simpler things you could do with an Arduino should work fine with this chip, if you have the programming environment for it and don't need as many I/O connections. I _think_ it draws less power than the Arduino, so it might be a good choice for things that spend most of their time waiting for the right conditions.