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water diven dc generator Answered

Construct a dc generator using a water pump driven by a garden hose.


you cant really do that per-say. a water pump produces ac power. you would need to attach a water pump to a crokford walton voltage multiplier to add power and rectify the ac into dc (use high value capacitors to maximise efficiency) and then a vreg like an lm317 to control output power.

I recently purchased a pump that operates with a water hose. Called an emergency basement pump. The idea came to me that I might be able to run a electric drill pump backwards and use the shaft power to run a small motor. The use would be to lite a few leds. Seems like a good idea to have such a light here at the dock to use on my sailboat. a few hundred ma would be ok and the ac could be rectified with a Radio Shack solid state off the shelf rectifier.