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water level sensor syphon control Answered

I am trying to design an automatic watering system for a chick brooder at the ranch.  We are off-grid, so don't have electric.  The brooder is in a room in the barn beside a water tank.  I want to set up a siphon system to get water from the stock tank to fill the water tanks in the brooder--but need to have some way to turn on and off the water automatically.  I've seen the water sensors and no water sensors, and think those might be a start--use the no-water sensor to trigger the flow of water, and the water sensor to turn it off--but I'm not sure how to rig up a siphon that can be turned on and off, and not sure how to wire the whole thing together.  Any help greatly appreciated.


Can you rig a toilet tank float valve in the brooder tank? The float valve will not allow backflow so it should maintain your siphon pressure once it is started.

To keep the tanks in the brooder at a constant level, just attach a float to a pole, then mount it on the handle of a valve, so when the water level rises, it turns the valve off, and when it falls, it turns the valve on. I think this can be bought at a full assembly for putting into home water tanks.