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water proofing a Garmin 765t for motorcycle usage? Answered

Garmin 765T GPS
Has anyone attempted to make one of these units suitable for use on a motorcycle ?

This would entail a waterproof mount of some description and address any issues with over heating



6 years ago

I managed to make two garmin nuv 200- series sat navs waterproof to be used on motorbike.

1. Open the casing and remove screen.
2. Clean edges of the casing and screen with alcohol
3. Apply silicone evenly around edges of the casing where it touches the screen
4. Insert SD card with updated maps into slot
5. Seal off speaker and microphone with silicone
6. Mix decent two compound glue and apply to edges of the casing all round.
6. Reassembly the casing.
7. Remember to leave power switch on ON position and make sure sealed with some glue.
8. Seal memory card slot the same way.
9. Plug GOOD QUALITY usb cable into socket and use lots of glue to seal it and hold in place. Recommended angled 90 degree plug.
10. Now your garmin is waterproof and you can still update maps over usb cable.

Simple as that:)


8 years ago

I once made a water tight enclosure for an 8mm camera from an old steel, water tight first-aid kit. It had a couple of spot welded metal dividers inside which I broke out.
I cut a window in it, then screwed and silicone sealed a piece of Lexan over the hole so I could aim the camera lens through it. I wedged the camera in place with foam rubber and bolted it to my bike with a couple of tabs I had riveted and sealed to the box. It worked great whenever I remembered to bring the camera.


8 years ago

If it's for one time use just hang a freezer zip lock over it and tape or rubberband the bottom closed as well as you can.

If you really want something permanent, look into the clear plastic cases for under water  use of a camera.  Find one near the right size and modify that to work.


8 years ago

Since the unit is designed to work in a potentially scorchingly hot car (dashboard in the sun) its probably not got heat issues...

Best method would be to make a housing that surrounds the unit on all sides but the front.  If its a touch screen then cover the screen with a thin replaceable membrane for keeping water out.  Wrap the membrane larger than the screen area to hopefully seal against your fancy schmancy custom housing you built. 

If you DO make one, pretty please make an instructable about it!

(and welcome to instructables!)