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watermelon seedlings are turning black and dying for some reason? Answered


recently ive been trying to grow watermelons from seed, but for some reason at one point or another some leaves start to go broan/black and die off around the edges, and eventually it spreads until the whole plant inevitably just goes and dies.

i cant find anywhere on the internet about this, or anyone else having this problem.

one thing i should note is that these seedlings (and two established plants over a meter long) are in pots and containers when this begins to happen. is it just them dying from a lack of nutrients? in which case should i just me planting them directly into the soil once they have reached a certain size?

the same thing seems to be happening with various species of watermelon, please help!


Got a pic and what is the condition of the soil and sun.

With everything out to get them, including things like people that eat the seeds, its amazing plants do as well as they do. Their key to survival usually is to just out produce to the point that enough seeds survive and get to maturity. I ALWAYS over plant because between the bugs and the deer and the hail and the frost and whatever else might come along you need to plant extra so that you can get something in the end. Expect causalities, the plants do.


5 years ago

Its probably what is called damping off.  You can do a Google search and find a lot of information about it.