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waterproof nontoxic adhesive? Answered

I'm looking for an adhesive that will bond plastic to plastic, is waterproof, and is also non-toxic. I am attending an "anything but cups" party and am planning to use a Magic 8 Ball. I know that there is a canister inside which holds the die and blue liquid. I believe in order to take that out, I need to open the entire ball. I don't think that it will snap back together in a way that won't leak. Any suggestions would be appreciated!


Polyurethane sealant? You might want to research a bit yourself though. All I know is that it needs to be properly cured before you use it, alcohol might affect it, and I'm not dead yet.

Pop off the window with a screwdriver, drain the liquid, then use a Dremel to cut  & grind away the cylinder from the inside, while leaving the ball itself intact.


Do it like this: