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waterproofing Answered

does any one know how i may make a waterproof webcam i want to study my fish from inside the tank



10 years ago

thanks for the ideas i think i will try all them and a idea i just got of making a mold of clay and just putting the cam in that because clay is waterproof right

Depends on the clay. An oil based, nonhardening clay may be waterproof, but common modeling clay, or that used in art class for making little bowls etc from, is not. In fact, one softens the clay using water, if it dries out a bit. After sealing, firing, and etc, it can become waterproof, but I doubt if you want to fire it with your cam in there LOL*

thanks again i hope it will work

Were you thinking of enclosing the camera in clay ? How would you take pictures that way?

I suppose one could adapt something like this: waterproof clear container for one's needs.

Something like a plastic sealable sandwich bag would move with the water and obscure good shots many times.

If you wanted a more panoramic view, you may need to consider, say an old "large" pickle jar. If tall enough, it would afford you the advantage of not needing to make the electrical connections totally waterproof (water resistant, yes, as it would be near but not in the water). The biggest problem you face is not so much which "container" to use, as anything that can be easily closed and be waterproof, will do. The biggest concern would be: sealing the wiring exiting the container, if that exit point is under water.

There are some really good silicon sealants out there, but again, depending on the structure of the container chosen (glass, plastic/type of plastic, etc), one would have to decide from there which sealant to use.

On second thought, the clear plastic bag idea could work, if the side of the bag is "pressed" (rubberbanded?) up near the lens so it was unable to move. Then to get different shots, you would need only to move the whole bag.

. You may be able to do something with a Ziploc bag, but you can get good pictures from outside the tank. Google aquarium photography for tips on how.