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way to make power on a camp out Answered

i am looking for soming alteritive to solar panoles to run a laptop  on and is fally small in size ideas plans, non gas thou i need some help with this 


Have you thought to buy another battery for your laptop?

a few thoughts I happened to have solar panels at home and I've also brought them camping. I've always been disappointed. Trying to figure out where to set it up for the best sun between 9am and 3pm, in the woods with those pesky trees can be an issue. I've also broken one on a camping trip. They have the roll up kind nowadays but they are still $200 on up.

If thats the only power you have access to for 7 days straight then you need to get serious about solar. If your at a campground that has power "somewhere" then I'd bring 2 scooter batteries (12v 10a SLA seen below) and ask a nice person if you can plug in for a few hours a day. Stop by and swap the batteries every day or 2. Offer to pay. They'll never take it.

I'd get a 12v adapter for your laptop if possible but you might need to use a power inverter and the cheap ones aren't very efficient. You should also consider a tablet if possible. Your laptop will kill that battery 3X as fast as a laptop. If you have access to your car I'm sure you could start it up to charge up if you really needed to. A half hour a day wouldn't be the end of the world.

Anti-matter warp core power generator.

Ok mow that the joke is over it would be nice to know what you are doing hiking, boating or mountain climbing when you are camping out. Makes it easier to give advice.

These are in order of portability, the first two can work together. 

Solar powered inverter.

Battery pack power inverter.

Combustion engine generator.

Wind turbine generator.


or some way to get cheap solar cells

try looking for some one who is selling old solar garden light's(yes they have solar cell's) & salvage the solar cell's from them
try looking at craigslist you may find them(depend's where you are living)

One alternative is hooking up a power inverter to your car battery. The power inverters come in different wattage. You can buy one that meets your needs.

small solar panels are quite cheap at radioshack or other electronic stores along with ebay and can provide a great power source outdoors

I own a tPod1 and i LOVE it: Make power or light with a candle!

I would try to use a motor as a generator, powered by a water course or wind. But you have to do many tests before deciding to connect a computer.