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ways to get rid of a cough? Answered

Bad cough since the past few days, I cannot sleep. I have some bad days because I can't wake up on time for college. Honey, tryed and failed. My doctor told me that the reason why I am getting this is because I had a temperature and from that a cough evolves, the cough then causes me to have a cold. Simples.... Anything to get rid of a cough.... Thanks.....



Best Answer 7 years ago

Put more humidity in the air. Use a vaporizer or just keep a pan of water slow boiling on the stove. In the winter many people run their furnaces too much which further removes moisture from the air in your house. Humidity in the air is very helpfull to keep coughs, colds, and sore throats away. Another reason is when sleeping, the throat gets very dry... because low-humidity and we dont swallow when sleeping. When the throat gets dry, germs and molds or viruses get a foothold and we get sick. Soooo... If you wake up at night and your throat feels "dry" or "scratchy"... then gargle with a few drops of mouthwash before going back to bed. The gargling trick really works to help keep colds and coughs from getting you.


7 years ago

2oz bourbon, 4oz orange juice, 1oz honey, 1 inch piece of cinnamon stick (preferably Ceylon). Heat until warm then drink.

Oh, yeah... repeat until unconscious.

Then someone else pours another oz down your throat just to be sure.

We call that "Extended Relief".

By my own experience I can say that it works! Cheers!

Drink aware says "drink responsibly" !

You're not going to like this, but here's my mom's trick.

Put about a teaspoon of table salt in a glass. Turn on the hot tap water and allow it to get as hot as it will.

fill the glass. stir the salt until it's dissolved.

Gargle vigorously with a mouthful. Spit it out and repeat until the glass is empty.

Warning: it will taste like ___. Too bad. You wanna get better or just whine?

Rinse with cool fresh water. Ah...the relief.

Repeat every few hours.

Here's another thing that helps

Hot Beef broth with plenty of black pepper. (No, don't gargle...sip the broth. It's good for you, and the pepper will help to kill off the nasties)

Along with wrivera6 nd the antihistamine, get some Vicks vapo rub a slather it on your chest. Not a thin film but a good glob of it. It will open up you sinuses and help you breath at night which with help dry you up. Once you get the drainage stopped you will get better.

Maybe the cause of your cough is post nasal dripping or back dripping. I recommend to take an antihistamine (Benadryl©) at night, a few hours before you go to bed. That will dry your irritating mucus. In the morning take something to sooth your throat but cough all you want.
If you want a natural remedy try mixing rum, honey and lemon juice. One quarter of a cup (¼) in the morning and at night. Do not drive while you are taking this remedy and do not take any over the counter medicine!

If it is that bad go to the doctor. If the cause is viral you will have to wait to get better but it may be a bacterial infection that can be addressed.

Commercial solutions: Nyquil and/or buckleys. Nyquil knocks me on my butt and I have no choice but to sleep...buckley's (depending on where you are) is uuber mentholated eucalyptus goop and it calms my coughs pretty good.

There is an instructable for making your own cough drops...might help.