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we REALLY need a p-90 Answered

don't you think we really need a gun like a p-90. well i thought we could have machine gun (not chain gun)like faust's style and somehow also make it shoot lot's of rod's everywhere. so please try to make somthing like i said and please post or tell me if have idears


I really want to see an instuctable for a P-90. I made the SMG & Stock that THE SGT made and pushed the stock all the way in, which reminded me of the front part of the P-90, kinda. If you find an instructable for it, could you tell me where to go to get it so I can build it? I would appreciate it man.

actually, i just built a p90 today! i'll tear it down and make an instructable if i can, but i may end up just posting a ton of pics and hoping someone can reverse-engineer it. sorry in advance if i don't make an instructable for it. check my myspace (myspace.com/doctoremmettlbrown) for pics in the future!

ill try lets seee the pics please

ok, i finally went out and bought a new digital camera, and now i'll get some pics up, possibly today, if i can get to the library (i have dial-up at home)

ok well please quickly im dieing without p90s must..have..p90s to live..arghhhhh


11 years ago

hmmmmm might work........... thanks

i was going to make 1 of these it is just had to change bullet direction otherwise it would just flick the ammo

That's tough. The only gun I can think of is Faust's AST. Well, try hooking up a motor to a two ended firing pin and put a true trigger in. Just tossing out ideas. :)