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weapons Answered

any idea how to make weapons


yes sorry

If you were replying to my comment, hit REPLY on my comment. (otherwise, disregard that).
But anyway, there are lots of weapons Instructables here, try searching for e.g. 'knife' 'sword' 'shuriken' and 'gun'. you're bound to get a lot of K'Nex hits on some of those keywords, but click on the users that post stuff you like, as they may have more.


Did you mean to call yourself MacGyver?


im not trying to kill any one

Pick up rock. Throw. Done.

Take a 6 inch nail that is 1/4 inch thick heat it and hammer it into a knife shape than sharpen it. I have been making those for a long time when I was first started making weapons.

You should heat treat the steel so it is harder and holds an edge better.