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weatherproof motorcycle speakers and amp? Answered

How do I make powered, weatherproof motorcycle speakers?



there are rain resistant fixed megaphones (the kind installed on external walls at school and on police cars). they are about 15 - 30 W rms. they dont perform well in low frequencies. beats will sound more like the click from a megaphone when its turned on the amp can be about any single chip amplifier (like tda2002) with big enough watts and cooler plate. enclose the board under one of the existing hoods in the bike if you connect from the bike power system it needs on off switch and fuse

The easiest method would be to find a set of marine speakers which have a small crummy amp already built in. You're looking for speakers with a wire for plugging into a headphone jack and a wire to power (you need both for the amp), from there you can open them up and manufacture something that fits your bike. Marine speakers are designed to work around water. Hope this helps!