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webcam with cad software? Answered

Ok, so I have to do some engineering drawings of our robot arm for science olympaid. For now I can just make stuff really easily in paint in like 10min. But part of our score is in the quality of paperwork if there is a tie for operation. We are building a new arm that will be much more complicated. I happen to have a webcam above a white panel for creating things for a video game development thing my little bro got. (software is nothing impressive, probably not even as good as ms paint). I do have auto cad software, but havent used it much (my grandpa gave the pc to me and he had it on here). Is there any sort of program or feature in cad that allows you to kind of scan things in? I think that our bimba pnumatic cylinders are worthy of being accurately rendered in cad. But I dont have the knowledge of how to do it "free hand" 


Not directly. You could import a picture into Sketchup, and "sketch" on that - Many cad systems will let you do something similar.

Ok, that might work just fine. If i was to do it even the slightest free hand it would be out of proportion and I want it to be scale. So if I can do something like trace over the pic and do it, that would work good.

Yes, and you'll need to very carefully check the image scale. When "copying" things into CAD, concentrate on the things that matter. Make sure the mounting hole dimensions are all in precisely the right place for example, that the piston length is dead on right.


Ok, I dont think it needs to be dead on, but it should be close. I dont plan on using this to cut anything out. Just to impress the judges a bit more.

I would really recommend sketchup by google. It's free and really intuitive. Not as powerful as the big-guns in the CAD world but it has quick easy results.

Thanks, I will look that up tomorrow.