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weight of 650 kilograms? Answered

for driving a weight of 650 kilograms what must be the rating of a brushless dc motor in an electric vehicle



Best Answer 11 months ago

There is no cookie cutter answer because this question is dependent on what you are building.

Nevertheless, think of the motor in terms of horsepower. Horsepower is the measurement of the work being done. A horse can lift a weight a given distance, in a fixed matter of time.

In what you are building, how fast are you moving that weight and how far? Is it being lifted off the ground, or moved around in a cart? Is it direct drive, or is there a gearbox? What forces are at play in your system? What exactly is it doing?

Once you understand the type of work you are doing, you can compare that against 1 unit of HP, and then you can get a sense of what type of motor you will need in your system.

Here is a good explanation of the basic principle:


Here is another explanation of Force, Power, Torque and Energy: