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welcome to my group. NEED IDEAS FOR MORTARS! Answered

Welcome to the group. have some fun and put up lots of forums, (they are not moderated but everything else is.) i really dont care what you talk about but dont come here to just chat about nothing. go to my next blog, for now i am most interested in mortars or launchers. so lets get some ideas going. ill put up another forum just for ideas. So just have fun and enjoy yourselves. XI3



I've built a mortar that can fire tennis balls, or golfballs with a barrel insert. It can get the golf balls airborne for 14 seconds, about 450yds. It runs on Nitromethane with a double combustion chamber. I have some video, photos and can can do some drawrings. Where can I put them to share my experience?

When I was in college we made a mortar. I will be the first to say it was wildly dangerous and I wouldn't do it again. But, hey, no reason you can't... We started off with a section of fence. Welded a nail into a cap on the fence and then welded the cap on the fence. The section of fence happened to fit a can of Aquanet very well. We would drop a cinder from the grill down in the bottom, aim the fence mortar (by hand, no sissy legs here) and then drop the Aquanet can in. The weight of the can dropped it down the tube, the nail punctured the can and the can of Aquanet shot out with a great WHOOMP sound and a pretty sweet gout of flame. Eyebrows were singed. Clothes were ruined. Good times were had by all.

i found a really thick cardboard tube, used spray paint tpo as a bottom, pvs as a baffle and propane as the fuel and it works ok, makes a really loud pop but not much range, i have a bigger one, maybe usea tennis ball?

these things really like to act up. one day it will shoot a tennis ball 3 feet, and one day it will shoot 300 feet. little things will make huge differences, mess with the settings just slightly and be amazed by the change.

i tried to make one today with about 8 inches of PVC and a skateboard bearing as a baffle, didn't work too well cause of the air/fuel ratio difference but it almost worked.

oh well, trial and error, ive burned myself 3 times, and blown up like three mortars, before i finally found some good settings, if you use the pringle can one, i recomend tapeing up the bottom to lol, it has a tendency to explode. try less fuel, or wait for it to evaporate longer., how big is the barrels diameter?