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welding a motorcycle? Answered

I know how to weld. How to weld on a motorcycle?does the battery terminals need to be removed and what other electric components need to be removed so they are not damaged from the increased voltage running through the frame when welding?


You should always keep your ground clap as close to the weld as possible. but then again. I wouldn't risk keeping any electronics hooked up either and it's a probably a fairly quick job to unhook anything important

Also like Re-design said.  If it is anything structural  (which basically everything is except maybe a small fender mounting support) I would take it in to get it professionally done.  I bet you could weld it and it would look great but who knows if you got the right amount of penetration, or gouged out enough of the old weld,  or ????  I'd rather know that someone else did it who knows what they are doing 100% and that it looks good, is good and will stay good.

As long as your ground is near the weld and is to the frame or whatever piece of metal you're welding to there is no problem.

But if you're welding a structural piece, I'd get a pro to do it.  I'd hate to trust my welding skills on an important part of my motorcycle, and I've been welding things for over 40 years and even had some lessons from a certified welder.