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well i ran into a little problem yesterday with my flash drive? Answered

my 4GB HP v125W flash drive got corrupt like a Chicago law enforcement officer because i kept unplugging it without ejecting the drive first.

the HP website does not provide this specific  flash drive ,driver for the drive

i need this flash drive for school to store my essays on so get to me ASAP


PS. i spent my allowance on the thing so i want to get the most out of it


If your computer is a mac, go into the applications menu. Click utilities. Click disk utility. Click repair. Another way will clear your flash drive but it will also fix it. Go into disk utility. Click on the drive. Click on the erase tab. Click security options. slide the bar all the way to the right. Click ok. Click erase. Wait until it is finished. It will take around 20 minutes, depending on how many files are on the flash drive. Good luck.

What is actually wrong with it in it's state of corruption?


when i  plug it in the pc says that there is and unrecognized disk .

I will start by saying that whatever data is on the drive now is not recoverable (at least not without paying a professional about $1,000).

A reformat may work to make it functional again, although the odds of that are 50%.  If you can't reformat, buy a new one.

To prevent this in the future, either eject it like you know you should have in the first place or disable write-caching for this drive in Windows.  Disabling write-caching will slow the performance a little, but will allow you to yank it with less worry.

The best guess is to do a drive wipe and re-load your essays.

Note that there *are* situations where interrupting a write to a flash drive may leave it in a state where even formatting won't recover correct operation. (Had that happen to one of the memory cards for my camera.) Learn patience, Grasshopper. At least enough patience to ensure that the thumbdrive is in a stable condition before disconnecting it.

Given that you can get a 4G unit for under $15 these days, I'd say that if a hard format doesn't solve your problem, chuck it and replace it.

Next time try letting it finish it's write before unplugging it.


8 years ago

If your OS is a Windows version just reformat it in FAT32 or NTFS.  Plug it into a USB slot:
  1. Open "My Computer." Click on "Manage" in the "Explorer" window of "My Computer."

  2. Open the "Device Manager" and locate your USBDrive installed under the "Disk Drives" tab. Right click on "Removable Disk Drive" and click on "Properties" from the menu.
  3. Click on the "Policies" tab and choose "Optimize for Performance" from the options. Click "OK" and continue.
  4. Click on "My Computer" and choose the format on the flash drive.
  5. Choose "NTFS" or "FAT32" depending on the type you want from the dropdown menu box.
  6. Click "OK" to complete the format.

have a kick about for an HP based reformatting solution on their site, or a recovery thing, if they have one that works it might revive it without losing stuff, failing that chuck the drive in a computer and use the reformat options, though it's still not always possible to revive them, I have a flash drive the blue screens any windows computer because there's something wrong with it.

Oddly I've found that even corrupted files usually just crash the opening program, so it's either bad luck or something serious.  If the computer recognizes the device but can't open the root folder try right clicking and choosing the explore option, sometimes that'll by pass the problem, in which case you can try to wipe out the problem files and recover your own.

If you can't get the drive to work again you can use any storage device, your phone, your digital camera as a stopgap measure or even email your work to yourself.