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were does one buy ammonium nitrate from?? Answered



For garden use www.gooddeals777.com sells it. You can also find it on amazon.com.

you used to be able to buy it at places like lowes and home depot for dirt cheap but now due to some stupid regulations they've stopped selling it because it's too much of a hassle and you gotta get it on amazon for more expensive. Or instant cold packs but that's going to be more expensive and more of a pain

I have a Question for you. are you a terrorist? I mean, what the hell do you need that crap for? I'm not gonna give you any information until you tell me what you're gonna use it for!!!

Holy there cowboy take it easy. You think some one determined would have more resources than some internet forum. Geez, get a grip!!!

I'm sure by now you have already figured out you just cut open the the cold pack bag, pull out the little water packet and the little white balls left in the bag are your ammoniom nitrate. There are several websites giving step by step instructons on how to make it yourself, or if you want to skip that whole painstaking process, there are websites that sell top quality by the pound for 5.50 per lb.plus shipping and you can buy as much as you want so you can really start freaking people out!! lol

um yeah - definitely not a terrorist !! - just curious about my chemistry and like the challenge of creating things ... thanks for all the help guys !!

I hesitate to answer, but here I go. Ammonium nitrate is comprised of 3 base elements: hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. Hydrogen and oxygen can both be obtained from water at a ratio of 2:1 respectively. Nitrogen can be obtained from a variety of locations, most commonly in the form of nitrous oxide; A.K.A. laughing gas. Honestly, you would be better off using ammonia but I don't know where to find it. For the sake of reason, I will not divulge the proper equation, reaction type, matter states, or final materials in this answer. I fear I may have said too much already.

I won't say much more beyond this, just a warning: Don't do anything stupid. This stuff is volatile, even just keeping too much of this stuff in a container at once can cause an explosion. This stuff was used by the military, and for good reason, cheap and powerful. I suggest that if you fully intend to make/buy this stuff and test it at all, don't do it indoors. Do it outside with a barrier of some sort. Also, have extinguishers handy and first aid.

lol "I hesitate to answer" & "fear I may have said too much already."

You can find all that information on 5 million other sites, not like you are keeping a big secret. The amount you get out of a cold pack isn't going to be able to take down a kitchen table leg. He's just experimenting, like scientists do, and hobby chemists used to do, until people like you and everyone else got paranoid.

Instant cold packs are a good way to get it, but don't buy them solely for the purpose of getting the ammonium nitrate, rather try to obtain used ones, and then crystallize the ammonium nitrate, because the packs are quite expensive. Also, many fertilisers contain it because it supplies lots of nitrogen, and this is actually where fertiliser bombs come from because when mixed with the right stuff it's explosive.  It'll say on the side whether it has ammonium nitrate.
However, try go for the instant cold packs because soon they will be doing things to the fertiliser to make the ammonium nitrate non-explosive (see here for more info), while the instant cold pack ammonium nitrate should be pure.

thanks man, how does the ammonium nitrate come in the cold packs??

Sorry for the late reply, but the packs are just filled with it with a sachet of water along with it.

you can get it grocery stores in instant cold packs or it sometimes comes in fertilizers.

what is the process i have to do to get the ammonium nitrate from the packs??

Agricultural merchants, farms.
What for?



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Gardening stores sell it in large bags as a fertilizer. But chances are that you will have to show some kind of I.D. to show you're over 18. Otherwise, if you are a minor, maybe you can get an older person to buy it for you.