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were i can have a altoid tin in canada? Answered



Even if you can't find an actual Altoids-brand tin there are probably other brands of candy that come in metal tins. Failing even that, there are several places online where you can order empty, unlabeled tins for whatever evil purpose you desire. Just do a web search for "metal candy tins" and you should find several sources. In fact, they will probably be cheaper than a tin full of mints and you don't have to find something to do with all that candy so that you can use the tin.

See, the reason these metal tins are so popular is that they're sturdy and make handy enclosures for a lot of things, and it's a shame to throw that short of thing away. If you're buying the mints just to get the tin and are going to just dump the mints, start thinking about other things you throw away that you could use instead. The whole idea is re-using something that would otherwise get thrown away.


7 years ago

I was actually in that prediciment today and coincidently live in Canda as well. I was able to find a suitible tin at a local doller store with Rite-Aid brand mints in it, there were also others to choose from all for a buck. From what I can tell it seems to be just as durible as an Altoids tin but slightly different, but for a buck compared to at least three times that whos complaining???

I've got an altoids tin and a fishermans friend tin here in Canada. Not 100% sure where i got them, But i know i got them here in Canada


7 years ago

Anywhere you like. I don't think they're regulated or restricted to certain areas.

Check at your local pharmacy. In my experience, they're the number one source for Altoids

I've never really noticed them either until I had need for one, but I was able to find them when I started paying attention. They're often in the checkout lanes at supermarkets or can also be found at convenience stores.