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were i can have a remote control device for cheap? Answered

I want a remote control device for a small combat robot. 

If you have some information for me send me by the comment.



Best Answer 7 years ago

TV remote?

Wire and switches?

Hi Copper Tube, I too build combat robots. For my latest robot I am using a Turnigy 9x Transmitter and Receiver. But if your robot is small and the arena too is not quite big, you can use an Arduino, a bluetooth serial modem and a laptop to control your robot. You can check out my instructable on Bluetooth Controlled Combat Robot. But remember whichever method you use to control the robot, the communication frequency must always be 2.4Ghz to prevent radio interference with other robots. All the best for your Bot building.

thank`s for the comment.

What is:

Your skill level with electronics
Your budget
Your time scale
Your real need i.e. is this a real project that you will get done or just something your not willing to work hard to get going?

For a small combat robot I suggest a hard wired control system will work just as well.

NOTE: Combat robots, for safety reasons, usually have to use very specific radio control systems, to make sure there is Absolutely No Chance of their operating unexpectedly (protecting the operator and everyone else) and to keep them from interfering with each others' control signals. If you're serious about this, find out more about that. It _won't_ be cheap, but it will be Absolutely Necessary for safety.

Buy a remote control toy and cannibalize it?