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were's the best place to buy acrylic? Answered



I think Home Depot carries some acrylics. Be careful what you buy as some don't like to be cut and the heat makes the edges gooey. (I think it's the stryrene content, I think) I use a plastic scoring knife and cut it by hand.

A surplus store is usually the best. We have one in Wichita, KS with a large supply of Aerospace lexans, etc for reasonable prices. It's called "The Yard" You can also check out local manufacturer's of products. Sometimes they will sell or even give away scrap. I will actually ask my friends if they have contacts at a company to get an "in." Hope this helps.

Failing Kelsey's, a building-supplies store will sometimes carry at least one type (usually when someone in the community requests it)... but beware terrible prices.

At a plastics store in your local community; that way you don't have to pay for shipping. Look under "Plastics" in your Yellow Pages (or the non-US equivalent).