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wf & j barnes lathe? Answered

we are an animal charity that has been donated an antique wf & j barnes lathe. Any idea of its value and what can we do with it?



Do you want to sell it?

I have no idea as to the value, but it appears to be a rather complete metal lathe, treadle-powered (like old sewing machines) and should be capable of most simple metalcutting operations. If there is a set of gears in the pan below, it can probably cut threads. It ought not to be difficult to convert it to electric power if desired, but I'd definitely check on its value as an antique. If no one wants it as an antique to be restored, someone may want it as a low-cost start to a metal shop. (If I didn't already have a lathe...)

If it were in pristine condition then there may be a possibility or some worth (although not fantastic) But if that is a picture of your lather it is missing a few bits and looks very rusty.

An enthusiast may be interested.

This is the best source for lathe related information I know of anywhere http://www.lathes.co.uk/

If there isn't a link there, send an email to the site owner.


I have no idea of the value. Join and antique tool forum. There are antique tool collectors who would love to have this.