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whare can i find coroplast? Answered

i am bulding a coroplast rc airplane and need to cind coroplast------ please help me



Best Answer 8 years ago

i agree with Re-design try the local sign shop or look on line for signs or sign supplies


6 years ago

The way I like to do it is called "Street Sharking." You're going to help clean up your town while getting all your coroplast for FREE!. If there's been an election, or a seasonal sale, etc., people put out these coroplast signs and leave them. One side is often blank. Go round up all you need, you have the thanks of others whether they know it or not.

Online corrugated plastic ordering at SignOutfitters.com

i thaught you meant "chloroplast" as in a plant cell, but i dont know where to find this plane

Assuming you are in the UK, try Amari Plastics

Do you have a local sign shop? That's where I've gotten mine in the past.

There's this cool new thing called Google (www.google.com). If you type "coroplast" in the little box on the screen, all kinds of interesting things happen, and then it tells you all kinds of things about coroplast, including places to buy some. It's like magic.