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what advice would a person need for his/her first job interview ? Answered

I am at the ripe age of 15 as if today, and I will be hoping to accumulate a job, however the job interview is a completely new thing to me considering I have never had a job.

I would like to know what i can do to prepare for the interview and what would leve the best impression on the interviewer.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Dress appropriately for the job.
Hair should be clean and combed or brushed.
Facial hair should be shaved or neatly trimmed.
Learn some basic information about the company at which you are making an application.
Determine what your salary and benefit requirements are before the interview.
Be prepared to answer standard interview questions. Look 'em up on the Google.
Have your parents or friends give you some practice interviews.
DON"T BE LATE to your interview.
Prepare to ask a few questions you might need to know, ie: work hours, salary scale, insurance coverage, anything else you might be interested in.
Be friendly but polite, "Yes Sir, Yes Ma'am, Thank you, etc.
Get some sleep the night before, don't show up for an interview looking as though you have partied all night.
Good luck!

Most of these are great, but the "salary and benefits" is probably a bit above the user's pay grade.  At 15, he's most likely going to be interviewing for an entry-level or part-time position; and he is also unlikely to have any sense of reasonable "requirements" ought to be (either in absolute terms or relative to the market). 

All of your other suggestions are outstanding, and as always, Google Is Your Friend.

Print some pages off the company website, and make sure that you're seen with them.

I get sick of interviewing people who haven't the faintest clue what we do.

To dress well and to be respectful

In addition - listen to what they say, if you don't have an answer or don't know you can admit that. Some people are too preoccupied thinking about the stuff they've prepared to say in order to give a best impression, that they fail to answer straightforward questions. And that's a bad thing.


At 15, the jobs available are going to be counting on you showing up and being responsible for yourself.  Look presentable, act polite, show up on time...Show that you know that doing your job is important.  Most likely, if you get the interview, you can get the job-the interview is just to see if they are willing to hire your personality.

Bring a pen and a notepad, and use them. It makes you look responsible, and like you're taking the interview (and the job) seriously.

That, and all the stuff Burf said.