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what alternate fules can u use in a zippo? Answered



I have used white gas for cook stoves.
Kerosene. Does not work well.
Various paint thinners.
I used methel ethel ketone one time but I don't recomend it !
Even the very liquid plastic model cement that comes in a bottle works well.
100 proof alcohol.
Possibly rubbing alcohol.

Almost anything that evaporates rapidly.
Nitro methane model engine fuel. Will make your heart beat faster if you get it on your hands.


8 years ago

Try something different, diesel would probably take to long to ignite but it'll be a first.  Paraffin should also work and might last longer than traditional lighter fluid.

You could also mix different fuels or add something to the lighter fluid to get a different colour flame.


8 years ago

Just about any flammable liquid whose ignition point is low enough to be lit by a spark wheel will work in a Zippo lighter, but most are either too sooty, too flammable or volatile, (they evaporate very quickly and you have to refuel the lighter frequently) and most have a bad odor.
If you're looking to save money, liquid Zippo type fuel is just plain old Naptha. You can buy a quart at most hardware and paint stores for about $10 U.S., about the same price as twelve ounces of Zippo or Ronson lighter fluid.

Petrol (gasoline) will work, but it'll burn sooty and it stinks.
Alcohol (methanol, ethanol, IPA) would work, but probably not as well as lighter-fluid. White spirit / Stoddard solvent, but it might be a bit sooty.
If you want something cheaper than Zippo fluid, have you looked for cheap generic lighter-fluid?