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what are household oxidizers? Answered

i have been into rockets for a while now but am growing old of the model ones. i now wish to make my own, but am finding it hard to come across oxidizers. they seem to restrict everything now days because a bunch of cowards flew some planes into buildings in a country 9000kms from me(AUST). talk about game wreckers. what common household products have duel purposes?



2 years ago

KNO3 is a way if mixed with vinegar and sugar. But do not forget that oxidizer needs to be mixed with liguid fuel. And those mixed will create a burning force.

You can also make a safer rocket fuel. If you mix the oxidizer and the fuel before you light it, it can almost never go wrong, but then you have a solid rocketbooster.

Grant's stump remover is mostly KNO3

i also heard that specracide stump remover/killer is 99% KNO3 potassium nitrate

when you say "mostly", what percent purity do you imply?

Red iron oxide or rust is an oxidizer that can be created simply by putting steel wool into vineger

how well does rust work as an oxidizer compared to potassium nitrate?

i've heard ammonium nitrate works well, as in very well. it was used in the oaklahoma city bombing that killed all those people....
anyway you can get it in fertilizer, like at hardware stores. if they dont just label it "ammonium nitrate" it will be labeled as something like 30-0-0.
i havnt gotten around to building a rocket with it yet but it should work just fine

well hydrogen peroxide might work, but its about 97% water so maybe not. If you can Go out and buy spectracide stump remover (black bottle) it is actualy KN03 it comes in a powder readey to use.

Hydrogen peroxide is actually used for that with copper (or containing alloy) but with the 3-5% household concentrations, you'd get nothing. For that to work, you'd need 95%+ conc. for that purpose (that stuff is pretty wicked)

yes it really dangerous at that concentration, one wrong move with a match........................well I havn't tried that..............yet!

Just don't kill yourself doin it, 'cause then I wouldn't be able to hear about it!

well i should have done more research on water rockets... but as i am already half way through building my other rocket, have have most of the control gear, i will stick with it. does anyone know how to extract the 12% peroxide? or where i could find another household source of it? i am a student who is low on funding so i am tryin to do this cheaply without loosing to much safety. i am not sure if i can find the stump remover. any other ideas?

Freezing hydrogen peroxide, and removing the water-ice as it forms, can get your purity up to around 60%.

After that, you're into distillation, but H2O2 decomposes when heated, generating more heat as it does (which is why it's used as a rocket fuel).

There's a purification process (can't remember the name) that involves bubbling dry air through the peroxide to encourage the water to evaporate faster, but it also wastes a lot of peroxide.

Drying agents may be the way to go, but be careful what you use - some of them will just dissolve in the peroxide, others can trigger the decomposition. Test a little with a few cc peroxide and look for bubbles (bubbles are bad).

Forgot to say - you need around 80% for rocket fuel. Check the link I gave for rocket packs for more details.

i am not in the US. i am in AUST and everything is harder to get here. believe it or not we have water all around us, so u cant just run things in. i do not want a liquid fuel. i wanted to try was looking for something solid but someone else said peroxide. i thought that if i mixed the peroxide with other solids in my rocket fuel it would make a thick sludge that i could pack in. NO2 is harder to get in australia. i do not want to have several tanks of fuel. i dont want to have to deal with leaks of either gas or liquid. solid fuel, i figure worse case is that it goes bang, and everyone is safety out of range. if there is a leak with a gas hose or anything that ends up causing preasurised tanks to explode.... well i would like to avoid that. solid oxidizers, any ideas.

Using peroxide (a liquid fuel) will seriously complicate your rocket, compared to a solid fuel or hybrid motor. Have you looked a nitrous-oxide based hybrids? In the US, nitrous is relatively easy to get as it is used in auto racing and/or certain types of car motor enhancements.

Not to worry if you cannot find a strong oxidizer, they are still available, only now you'll have to look wherever pool service cleaning supplies are available. Called "pool stablizers" they are sometimes sold under the HTH label. Go to a local swimming pool cleaning products supplier and read the label, you will find exactly what you'll need but be careful handling any pool stabilizing oxidizer can be unsafe when combined with other materials or without proper personal protective equipment.

Filling inside oreos works too, no seriously it does i saw it in popular science

He wants the oxidizer, not the fuel. Oreo rockets still need KClO4 or some other oxidizer to function properly (weak at that).

do you think that a water rocket will break 1000ft? thats my goal, a single stage rocket that will break 1000ft. i do like oreos but i dont think i would like em after i eat all the leftovers after makeing my rocket.. i have hydrogen peroxide but its that 12% stuff you use when bleaching your hair white. would that work kiteman? or i there an easy way to extract it. or since i want to remove any air that might be in the final mix, should i keep it liquid state, then make a kind of chemical mud that i can pack the rockets with? there was a movie a few years back called 'october sky' where they have several rockets blow up on the launch pad due to air in the mix. they end up mixin KNO3, sugar and moonshine to get a constant, solid mix. (i had to read the book for the smaller details.) but back to the question, would 12% hydrogen proxide proform the same task or do i need it stronger?

The record altitude for water rockets is over 2000 feet. 12% peroxide is useless for rockets.

Hydrogen peroxide.

If you can get it strong enough, it can be a rocket propellant on its own (that's what rocket packs run on).

Built with care, and with a properly-built launcher, water rockets can rival the abilities of a lot of model rockets.