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what are some good first beginner instructables? Answered

hi im new and there are so many things to build and i dont know what to build


Duct/Duck tape projects are fun, possibly useful and don't require a huge investment in tools and material  (type in Duct Tape in search box).  Making something usually inspires me and gets the creative juices flowing- a duct tape project can be simple and quick.  If I mess it up I have lost little time or material.

Pick an instructable on a subject that you are interested in.

What are you interrested in?

Well, ya.  I thought he was wanting to branch out some.

Do you like doing Crafty things?

Do you have any problems you want to solve? You said there are many things you want to build. Make a list of instructables you find interesting. Start with the simplest one. Something that you can do in a few minutes, or an hour, something that you can finish.

Go on from there.

Use duct tape to secure an Arduino to an Altoids tin, then use it as a target for your Knex gun that shoots LED throwies. Bonus points if the Arduino uses a magnetic sensor to register hits and then tweets about it.

It's the perfect Instructables project!

When you go to the main "explore" page, to the right-hand side is a small link that says randomizer* - keep using that link until you spot something you fancy doing.

*yes, I know it should be "randomiser", but some countries just won't be told.

Got any K'NEX?


What sort of things are you interested in doing?

If you like cooking, for example, there are many great recipes here and most are simple.  You might search for "Jr. Chefs of America," to get some aimed at children.

Of course that's just one example.  Tell us what you're interested in and maybe we can come up with some real suggestions.