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what are some good hip-hop/ rap music that are clean/ child friendly? Answered

 so much rap has bad lyrics, something that isn't like that please!


I'm a big fan of MC Frontalot (http://frontalot.com/index.php/?page=mp3 ) of the NerdCore hip-hop genre.  Some of his tracks are safe for kids, er maybe. 

I mean I think the systematic way to do this would be to hit Wikipedia's big list of hip-hop-sub-genres:
Then sort of parse through that till you find something promising.   Christian hip-hop?  Conscious hip-hop? 

I remember Will Smith being almost completely harmless.  His larval stage was called "the Fresh Prince", also harmless.  But you were probably looking for someone current.

Also oldschool, ( and uh... good-school?)  were all those Bill Nye (the science guy) videos, some of which were rap/hip-hop.  I really liked that one about the hydrologic cycle, enough to share the link:

BTW, a word of warning about Insane Clown Posse:  They're not the kind of clowns that are good with kids. ;-)  Forgive me if you already knew this.


Afroman is not too vile, even i listen to him because his songs are funny! sure there is a few cuss words and he talks about weed cause he smokes it a lot but who gives a damn, heck, it is way better than all this 50 cent crap.

Mark Universe has great clean rap music

Anything by Luke Skywalker and 2 Live Crew. Kids love Luke Skywalker and those cute robots he hangs out with.

Uh... I think he's just "Luke" now.  The Wikipedia article says he got sued by George Lucas, for infringing upon the StarWars(tm) franchise.

BTW, just to confuse matters even more, but here goes:


8 years ago

Weird Al did a few rap and hip hop songs.

MC Front-a-Lot

he swears...rare to never...and raps about Nerdcore Hiphop - everything geeky :D

Be advised - some songs are adult in nature...


8 years ago

Hip-hop and Rap suitable for children is apparently a rare bird but I did find a listing of kid friendly Hip-hop songs and artists at Rhapsody. com.