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what are some novice home uses for a microscope? Answered

found a good deal on a Bausch & Lomb Microscope this past weekend. i can get the 40x10 to work but there are 2 more higher powered lenses that i cleaned and cleaned and can't get'em to function. any help or ideas on this plus some project ideas is wanted. thanks Gang.


There is a camera that you can attach to a microscope and take movies an pictures of whatever you are looking through the microscope. You could post those movies and pictures in your web site for students to use.

You will find a whole range of things to look at round the house. Cheese mites and dust mites are going to scare you to death!!!


7 years ago

The higher power lenses may need oil to work, for my mic at work the 63X and 100X need oil.  Other than the usual use for microscopes -looking at small stuff. Look at plant material, organisms, blood cells, textiles, minerals.  I don't know what else you want to do with it.  You could hook it up to computer with web cam or add a camera to it.