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what are the best exercises to do if you have sever back pain? Answered

well yeah i hurt my back and its in sever pain all the time and im home schoold so i mostly sit around and iv noticed that im starting to get a bit of a spare tire if u know what i mean and i was wanting to know if there are exercises to lose the weight around my stomach with out stressing my back i cant do crunches cause there just to much for my back any sugestions


I had a severe herniated disk a few years ago. Take the tension off of you back whenever you can. I layed on a couch with my calves hanging over the arm to provide a little tension to my spine and that helped a lot. Strengthen your abs and legs to help the weakness in your back. Walking is great if you DO NOT have pain while or after doing so. I recommend leg presses instead of squats and crunches done on a machine with very little resistance if any. Stretch and keep your range of motion optimal, I had Predisone prescribed to me and I will NEVER take it again. I almost went into anaphylactic shock. If you are on pain meds don't take so much that it masks the pain. You may overstress your injury without the bodys warning of pain.


9 years ago

I have 3 discus hernias & the only thing i can do without pain (actualy relieves) is swimming! alot of swimming! Cycling is normaly good too.