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what are the best longboard wheels and trucks? Answered

Ive heard that gumball wheels are good and am considering seismic trucks. any other suggestions?


ginger snaps

7 years ago

If you want to ride down hills and you can't afford what Gi Joe suggested. Look at:
- Bear trucks http://www.beartrucks.com/ 
-Sector nine race formula wheels http://store.sector9.com/Default.aspx?cat1=WHEELS&cat2=Race%20Formula.

If you want to ride on flat streets I suggest: 
-Randal http://www.randal.com/  trucks       or
-Paris http://www.paristruckco.com/ trucks
-Abec 11 flashbacks http://www.abec11.com/products/abec11

This site might help answer any other questions you might have http://www.silverfishlongboarding.com/

gi joe

8 years ago

if you want downhill trucks and wheels i hope you have i big wallet but the best dh trucks are prob mukae and orangatang wheels are the best for everything but if you dont have $300 for trucks paris trucks are very nice all around trucks and cheep too