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what are the best weapons in these groups: assault rifle, pistol, close quarters? Answered

i want to make a group of weapons with different uses, eg; assault rifle, pistol, a tazer, knife, close quarters. so what are the best weapons in these groups?
thanx guys




Best Answer 8 years ago

Do you mean real guns?I never shot any in real life, so my opinion may not be the best, but my personal favorites are...
AR: HK M416
SMG(This wasn't on the list, but oh well): HK MP7
Pistol: Glock (G18), I also think that the Walther PPK is cool (it works well for Bond...)
Taser: I always thought that a taser was a taser, never really knew that there was a difference between them, except that newer ones would be more innovative.
Knife: WASP, it injects gas on impact
Close Quarters: XM26-LSS or AA12... Fully automatic shotguns...

real guns but in knex form.

thats not very nice, but since you started it, your mum.

AST = ZKAR Pistol = Any oodammo pistol, such as TJOS-1 Close Quarters = TR18

Assault rifle- TR18, Z35 Pistol- Killerk pistol, any oodammo pistol Close quarters- ZKARv3, knexsayer, TR18