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what are the chemicals used in fart bags? Answered

i have been looking on the net for what ingredients go into fart bags, which are these fart bombs with powder in them and a liquid inside a small packet, which you squish , then they react to produce hydrogen sulfide and then the bag pops and a rotton egg smell fills the area.

i realy want to know what it is that goes into those because i want to make a 10xbigger fart bage, but i dont want to have to use the powder and liquid from real ones because the only ones i can get cost $15 for a packet of 10 which i feel is too expensive when i know there may be an alternative method.


Lemonie's right about the hazrds of mishandling the chemicals. Inhale too much and you die. Don't mess around wth these chemicals unless you are fully qualified to handle them safely.

That said, it's ammonium sulfide and water.

+1 I love a straight answer. 

BTW, Jpoopdog: You might also succeed in killing yourself, and/or others, using various metal sulfides, plus water and/or strong acid. 

I think Satan created Wikipedia (and Instructables, and the Internet too) for a reason:  to give bored teenagers suicidally bad ideas, um, here:

Remember to read the MSDSes too!

.  Please keep in mind that H2S has two properties that are particularly nasty in combination: kills your sense of smell and it's very poisonous (comparable to hydrogen cyanide). After a short period of exposure, you can't smell it well enough to tell you are getting too much. It is also flammable and heavier than air.

just to make this perfectly clear, i am not going to use this in an amount any larger than 10x the size of a standard sized stink bomb bag, aka a 10X18 ziplock bag.

the amounts of hcl and CaS(x) i am using will not exxeed a safe amount.

i have this program called crocodile chemistry now , and it lets me do chemical reactions safely on my pc, not to mention measure gas released  and alter purities of reactents, what i am doing is perfectly safe,and it will be done in small amounts, nothing deadly.

you seem to forget that ammonium sulfide is hydrogen sulfide just being released in a state that is lighter than air for a few seconds and then heavier than air, allowing it to disperse in a large area very quickly in small consentration. the quatity of reactent is slightly larger than the liquid amonium sulfide i used to use.

although i dont blame you for warning me about the hazardnous of h2s
while researching safe stinkbomb-friendly amounts i found out someone in japan did what i want to do, only with a small 650ml coke bottle and fillig it 1/3 of the way with hcl and CaS, which killed a bunch of people at the school.

tell me though, exactly what amount of h2s is deadly, e.g howmany ballons of it would make it dangerous in a corridoor with mild ventilation?
i dont wana be killin anyone......yet........lol

ok, i understand that it is dangerous, but then why arent stink vials dangerous? they release liquid amminium sulfide which precipitates into hydrogen sulfide.

if any of you have an idea on how to make a safe hydrogen sulfide stink bomb , or level of reatents, please tell me.

lastly, i have found that i canot get any hcl, due to the fact the hardwar and pool shops smallest bottles are 10L, do you think that oxalic acid will work? as i can get that, in small 500g containers and crocodile chemistry doesnt have oxalic acid in its arsenal of chems

.  Over-the-counter products do not release an appreciable amount of H2S - it doesn't take much to make a lot of stink.
.  Just don't get carried away. Keep quantities small and don't release in enclosed spaces.
.  I don't know about the oxalic acid. :(

after a bit of researching ammonium sulfide, i found out that ammonium sulfide has no odour whatsoever because the reason it smells is because it reacts with moisture to form hydrogen sulfide and i have stink vialy that contain pue ammonium sulfide that creates h2s and no one has died from it, besides, h2s is only toxic if its making up 0.2% of air, but makes an incredibaly horrible vomiting gaging smell at only 1 part per million
also i found that when a h2s stinkbomb goes of its usualy h20+h2s
instead of just h2s as its not as toxic when mixed with water , or so ive heard

thanks for all these answers because theyve helped me find out about some of the old h2s stinkbags , which use the following reaction

CaSy (polysulfide)+ hcl+h20=

i can obtain these from my local hardware shop in 80% and 70% pureity
im gonna write an instructable on this if i can get it to work.

lastly,butyl mercaptan, what reaction takes place to release that into the air? is it the rotton egg smell that commercial fart bag bombs use, in saying that i dont expect the entire chemical chain as it sounds long just something like "bm" +h20 = bm vapouror something

The stink bomb chemical is generally a product called butyl mercaptan it isn't available or manufacturable at home.

Hydrogen sulphide is a nasty poisonous gas. You risk harm to health with higher concentrations.


I was going to say that but I've been told I'm a kill joy.  Better that then killing your friends.

Listen to Lemonie the chemist.