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what are the first steps to troubleshooting a freezer/refridgerator? Answered

my fridge/freezer stops working every few days


I found this site to be very helpful, and it led to me actually fixing my own fridge.


I had ice building up in the back, where the whole back wall was getting covered in frost. After turning it off and letting a little of it melt, i took off the back wall cover ( from the inside of the freezer) After letting more of it melt, i started looking at the connections. One of them seemed to fall apart in my fingers when i touched it. Upon letting the ice melt even more it became evident to me that the connection that broke was the heating element inside.
The connector must have come loose somehow during the move. Once it thawed, i reconnected it and sealed it all back up. Fridge has been working fine for the last 2 months. Good luck in your search...


7 years ago

Vacuum the coils.

What makes it start working again after it shuts off?

Wonderful, would you be more specific about what "stops working" means?
Lights, noises, chill, wet, frost or not.


Check the temperature of the compressor. Make sure the compressor is going off periodically.

Whatever, these days, unless its the thermostat, its a new fridge time.