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what are the most important electronic parts to have in your toolbox for any project? Answered

like its stated i need to know what are the basic, most important electronics parts to have in a toolbox for any project. i want to start learning about electronics and i need parts to do projects and i didnt know you ya'll keep basic parts that everyone else have like a common type of LED or something. know what i mean? if nobody knows or doesnt do this, what are some parts to look for that a beginner like me could use later for starting small projects that will help me learn electronics?


Diodes, LEDs, one general purpose PNP and NPN transistor, a variety of resistors, switch, button, a speaker or piezo,and I personally like to keep some cords on hand like 120vac, 240vac, and connectors. Basically anything for general purpose applications, and then you can order the more specific parts later, this way you can tinker without worrying if you accidentally toast one or two components and you don't have to wait 10 days for another, plus sometimes you don't need the specific parts.

to tell you the truth, most of the time you're just going to have to buy the parts as needed. I have a pretty good collection of parts, but most of the time you need at least 1 special part (like some chip or something) and at that point it's best to buy all of your other parts online (like, for example, a resistor is only 2 cents online). My prefered component supplier: www.mouser.com never buy the following from mouser: enclosures, transformers, large switches (tactile switches are OK), and any other generally bulky item. Mouser has terrible prices on them, and you're better off going to a surplus site like the ones below. also good for motors and other stuff: electric goldmine all electronics

Then there are IC's. Such as the CD40106 (74C14), 555, and many more. But the best thing is to get the parts as required. Either buy a kit of parts or go to your local store whenever you need something. I have $10,000 worth of BASIC parts as I have everything duplicated in surface-mount. So you have really asked a big question. No matter how much you have, you will always need to buy something more. Electronics is an enormous field.

Basic Resistor Values. Anything from 100 ohm resistors to 100k ohm resistors. Also, it is good to have basic capacitors. Common Values are 3.3, 4.7, 47, 470, .1, 100, and much more. Those are all in micro farads. Voltage regulators are also a good thing to have. They are a type of IC that takes in a large range of voltage and puts out a constant value. The basic one that I use a lot would be a 7805. It allows me to put in DC voltage anywhere from about 7 volts to 35 volts, and it will put out a constant 5 volts. The 5 in 7805 is what tells me it is 5 volts. I also use a 7815 for some things which puts out 15 volts. There are many values in this series and others. Also, always needle nose pliers and wire strippers.

oh yeah and HBridges if you are making robots for motor control, jut blew my last one up, now I cant do anything ;(

Avr Microcontrollers specifically AtMega32 AtMega168, these and the 74hc595 shift registers.