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what are the requirements to make a business server host a web site from the company to the World Wide Web? Answered

I would like to host a web site requiring a server to host as Hyper Text Trasfer Protocol World Wide Web, what are my needed components and hardware to host from a 300TB  server?



8 years ago

 Judging from your question, this isn't a path you should take. like many of the questions related to high power devices, if you need to ask, you aren't qualified to do it yourself. 

Anyways, with a biz website, id recommend not using a self-hosted server. There are a variety of reasons. Stability is the first, most isps dont allow hosting on residential connections. 

If you were to self host, you need a computer, and an installation of some server software, and any intrepreters for server side code.

i did tell u i waz going to make this question and delete the before hosting question

i'll have this at the end of some of my addresses (.com.au)

im still not sure what you were saying. .com.au is known as a tld and 1st domain. what do you want to know?

I will have to agree with the others here.  Running a web server is a huge undertaking.
I think your best bet would be to find a hosting company to do the actual hosting.  You can the create the website yourself but leave the actual server to someone else.  Web server are like magnets to hackers and if you don't know what you are doing you will open up a whole can of worms that you really don't want.
GoDaddy is a company that handles the actual servers and you just do the creation of the website.  I personally don't like them or use them but they are pretty big.  Oneworldhosting.com is who I use.  I have 20 or so websites that I support hosted there.
Hope this helps.

I really don't know what you're talking about here. You're either way out of your depth, or you've not phrased the question in the best way.

What are your requirements for this website, and how many $ do you have to spend on it?