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what are these factory power cord attachments? Answered

I see them all the time and I even think somebody told me once but I forgot. First one to answer gets a candy bar.


When I go on there , there used to be on the connection part, a drop down box where you put your port in, now alll there is is IP addresses, I can't figure it out, can somebody help me? I cant connect to my ezbuilder with bluttooth.

Hey, I can't find ezbuilder on here anymore, does anybody know what happened to it? Did Dj buy a lear jet and a Deloreon and split with John Deloreon?


4 years ago

They also help prevent micro processor very fast switching noise from
traveling the "other way" and affecting other line connected products.


Ok, I got just one more for ya before I send it in to be fixed, it's under warranty but if you can save me alot of trouble I would highly appreciate it.
I hope somebody out there knows the answer, the other day my Gateways cpu fan was kind of reving sporadically so I say what the heck, I take the sides off it and unplugged the cpu fan so I could blow everything out with some compressed air, ok, everything looks good, put it back together, it really didn't need blowing out since iiiiiiiiii've only had t since March, I think it.s the mother board but when I hooked it to a IDE to Sata adapter, I got nothing, NOTHING BUT A HIGH REVING FAN that never reved back down and that was the end of it, no lights, no beeps, no nothing. I take another sata HD that I know is good, same thing, but now check this out, I have one of those adapters where you can hook to a sata with 2 usb plugs and plug it into another comp, so I take my HD off the Gateway I just blew out and hooked it to the adapter and nothing, but that other HD drive showed up ok, I am one confused SOB. The best part is its under warranty, but wouldnt you agree Im missing something here, something just isnt right. And before you asked if about the troubleshooting, I think I covered most, taking everything off but the monitor, unplugging it, holding power button for 30 secs. switched ram, completely moved ram, completely removed HD. No beeps No lights no nothing. Now on this particular tower it has the button on top where you push down and the light is on top, but there is a little blinking light facing you right underneath the button but while the fan just blows on high and never revs down that light just blinks at the same pace continuously. Im getting ready to pack it up but I have this gut feeling im missing something only because it was working until I blew it out.Unless its all a coincidence. Please weigh in, Thanks angpla59

Thanks you guys

They filter noise out of the power supply, before it gets to the device you're powering with it.

they prevent the power cable from turning into an antenna.