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what battery pack would be needed to run these LED light strip for 6 hours? Answered

Hi all,

I am looking at building a wearable battery pack to power these light strips,

As I am looking at this the wattage seems high 12 watts, I figure 8 AA 1.5 VDC batteries run in seriers would do the trick but any idea on run time?   http://www.dealextreme.com/p/12w-470nm-150x3528-smd-led-waterproof-flexible-blue-light-strip-5m-length-dc-12v-96072


BTW, BIG AA batteries hold a maximim of about 2.8 Ah - that would give you 2.8 hours of running on your LEDs.


Those led strips are uncomfortably bright in many scenarios - so you can actually stretch their runtime with a pwm circuit - just a 555 timer and a big transistor can act as a dimmer and efficiently save lots of juice!

I'm a big fan of using AA or C/D cells for this type of thing.

Lastly, those strips should light with as little as 5 or 6 AA batteries.

Use a sealed lead acid battery. You'd only need a 6Ah battery.