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what can I do with a big sheet of fresnel magnifier plexiglass? Answered

my neighbor through out his old rear-projection television, and I salvaged the pane of  plexiglass with ridges in concentric circles used to magnify? or focus? the image.  I am sure I could figure out how to solar heat something with it.. but I thought you all would like to know that I am open to suggestions.


so far, the boy and I have done the very obvious.. burn the lawn, burn paper, and boil water.. all in the late afternoon sun. At midday, that thing will be instantaneously hot.. I think I could weld with it!

There's quite a bit of heat in that thar sunlight.

When you think about condensing a 3x5 panel (~15sqft) area of sunlight down to a 1/2" dia focal point, the energy density is nice and juicy.

Roughly speaking, an energy multiplier (at the working end) of well over 3000

Well there you go. Make yourself a solar furnace for melting down beer and pop cans. Then you can sell the ingots.

I guess that eliminates my idea of a new windshield for the car.

hmmm... OBJECTS IN WINDSHEILD MAY APPEAR CLOSER THAN.. stops the urge to tailgate insantly

Offer it for sale - These large lenses are often used by flight Sim builders to put in front of their monitor to increase the sense of depth.

thats a good idea, and I may do that, just as soon as I finish trying to melt pennies

I heard that you can melt pennies with those... Also, wear eye protection- burning out your retinas tends to be a bad idea.

hey, thanks for the heads up on retina protection.. your a little late though. It was not as bad as an arc, or magnesium, or an eclipse, but it was worse than a 100 watt bulb. we realized it was damage after the first test, and we are all safe now.

Super charged solar cell. (Or burnt out solar cell.)

recently used to produce the most efficient solar conversion, as I recall from a webblurb AP pseudo-science story I ran across a few months back.

Solar ovens are the way many use them. Can be used to power a Stirling engine quite effectively. Or just use it to be an "artist" and give momma earth a tattoo.

"Fry" a giant-ant?