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what can I do with some old iomega zip drives? Answered

I got 3 or 4 of these lying around, gotta be some cool servos or something in them. Might be parallel or scsi connectors on back. Even have a few disks if I needed them, though they've been run thru the magnet so data retention would be doubtable.

Would there be functional replacements in them for parts in this project?



 I offer you an altruistic option. A friend (no, really, a friend) needs a zip drive to access zip disks that he inherited. These disks are very important to him, as they may resolve a family paternity issue. Would you consider giving one of your drives to him, or loaning it to him so that he can retrieve the information from the disks?


8 years ago

I went ahead and cracked one open, and there are indeed parts similar to a hard drive (d'oh!) plus its cased in plastic, so its easier to extract. Now what to do with the parallel control card and those ICs....

thanks for the suggestions!

I say, sell 'em on e-bay. Lots of people used to back up files onto zip drives, and then one day, they need the files again, but, their new PC doesn't have a zip drive.

Store stuff on them? Transfer files? Hold onto them in hopes that you can one day be the last person on Earth to have the means access materials on such a format? (It's happened before!)

I dunno. I might have the same problem. It would seem, if you squint a little and ignore a few facts, that Zip drives are similar to floppy drives in, not only usefulness but their hardware and basic idea of magnetic storage.

Probably most ideas that apply to taking apart floppy drives would apply to this too.

There'd be function parts in them no matter. From the cases to the motors and circuitry to wiring harnesses and connectors. I can't say re your example. I'm sure someone else will comment on that issue.