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what can do with my old projection tv that stopped working? Answered

i have an old projection tv that has stopped working its huge and takes up alot of space im thinking of just parting it out but i dont know what to do with it. be creative any ideas welcome. Thanks!


As of right now I am making my old RCA rear projection t.v. into a touchtable. I am cutting the whole thing down so it stand 3 ft. high and made a nice frame for the top. The entire instructable will be posted in about 1 month. Keep this project in mind it is great!

Gut it and make a TV stand with built in DVD racks and such. Get creative and build extra storage for a stereo in the bottom. I just finished mine it looks awesome

Take the Fresnel lens out ant make it into a SOLAR DEATH RAY... i'm not kidding

If you can't find a forum or other source for fixes, take it apart and have fun with the pieces. the Fresnel lens will be a large sheet of plastic with rings kind like a vinyl record. It is huge magnifying glass. Also, there may be other lenses, a mirror, and some other parts for future projects. Donate to your local science teacher. You can also use the screen with a projector. I thought of replacing the original image producer with a projector or remove the screen and use it for other things. Some people gut it, make shelves inside, and make a display cabinet for their models and such. Easy way to put your items behind glass.

If its rear projection, the frenzel lens is quite useful. My local surplus store sells them for $60. And they always seem to get claimed quickly when they go up on craigslist.

im not sure what the frenzel lens is but it is a rear projection. do u know what they use them for? i might want to keep it if i could use it , if not 60 bucks sounds good. thanks for the input

Depending on what materials were used to make it, it could become a great coffee table or another piece of furniture. It's also possible you could replace the existing projector with a new store-bought projector, depending how roomy the cabinet is. Got pictures? We may have some more imaginative suggestions if we could see it.

Mate one of the lenses from the TV with a flatbed scanner and make your very own digital camera. ~Bob~

you wouldnt happen to have an instructable on how to do that would u?