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what can i build with the salvaged parts from a 56 inch big screen tv? Answered

a friend of mine's dad is letting us take apart the old tv and build something with the salvaged parts. thing is, we dont know what to build. i know that i can make easily make a tesla coil, but i'd rather do something else.. anything out there i can do?


If the tv is the type that has a Fresnel Lens on the screen you already have a giant ant burner that will burn holes in the road. OR you could use it to intensify the sun on to a solar panel for more out put

What would you like to do is the real question. Desolder the components, put them in a box or bag, dispose of the rest. The bits are useful for electronics, so maybe you can find an electronic Instructable that inspires you? There's most likely at least one voltage regulator, enough bits to build an amplifier, speakers? L

If its an old one (not flat screen) you could make a really big fish tank or kepps lizards or snakes in it