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what can i clean used leather shoes i bought form a flea market with? Answered

i want to make sure the inside of shoes are clean?  what can i use?


Spray the inside with Lysol a couple of times.  Or find out what the local bowling alley uses.

Soak them in baby bottle saniftizer maybe ?

My personal favourite though is a dremel with a buffing wheel attachment and some shoe polish

I would use a FLAME-THROWER.  used shoes are no bargain.  many people have foot funguses and toenail funguses etc that you DONT want to get.  Trust me on this.  Torch those shoes and buy NEW.


8 years ago

If you have one, open the shoes up and bathe the inside with a strong UV light for a day or two. If you don't have a UV light, expose them to bright sunlight for a few days. Afterwards,  dust the insides with a good fungicidal/antibacterial foot powder.