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what can i do to make time fly by ? Answered



Only last week I put the christmas tree away (or so it seems)

Seriously, keep yourself busy, the more you pack into each day the faster the time goes by.

Set targets - A somewhat long but worthwhile story:

When I was 161/2 I joined the Air Force - In an environment where I was the youngest by several years I was lonely, unhappy, homesick and very very shy.

One evening, fed up with it all I sat down and wrote a list of things I felt I wanted to achieve no matter how unlikely or difficult they were.

The I reviewed the list and put the aims in a better order partially things I really wanted in the short term and partially things I just really really wanted but could see they were going to take longer to achieve.

I thought about the top few and what steps I should take to achieve them, then I vowed to do something however small towards that achievement that week and each following week until I reached the goal.

The top 3 things on that list, (which I still have), said

1. Become confident in doing my job.

2 Make friends.

3. Get promoted (get more money)

I went into work next morning and went to see my boss and explained I wanted to become more involved with the job. He immediately put me on shift work with one of the teams who he instructed to train me on what i needed to be doing.

I passed a notice saying a sailing club was about to start, I forced myself to attend the first meeting (everyone would ne new) - 6 months later i had new friends, new skills and confidence and was running the sailing club bar.

I found out I needs some educational qualifications to go to the next level in promotion, I signed up for night school, did FAR better in the lessons that I ever did at school and passed the exams with flying colours. 12 months later I was promoted and almost doubles my pay.

I didn't have time to be lonely, homesick or unhappy and the days flew by with astonishing speed.

60+ years further on from that day - I still do this. In that time I have NEVER worked at a job I didn't like, I have always earned a good or better income with the result I was able to retire at 60 and do anything I wanted to.

My son does the same and intends to retire at 50 or 55, he will be able to because he has planned and worked for it.

Even now I have many skill and interests. trained as an electronics engineer, I now make jewellery as a hobby. Many people in my village are wearing jewellery I have made. (I decided one day 15 years ago to learn how to make jewellery. It looked interesting).

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Goodness me! Making all the rest of us here look bad : )

But all joking aside, that is a story to live by! You are incredible! Keep doing what you are doing, because that sounds pretty darn close to exactly what everyone in this world should be doing!

Wow !

As an undergrad I could only take this on class at night school.

The teacher was real life and afterward I only registered for evening school classes, because the teachers were from the industry...

I was fortunate that the Royal Air Force had all the educational and free time facilities I could possibly want.

In retrospect I wish the sport had been gliding rather than sailing and I should have done a degree when I was in my 20's - However nothing perfect and I am quite content to be where I am now.

My current list says I will learn to play the Piano next year and I am considering moving plating jazz clarinet a lot higher up the list.

Having graduated in my mid 40's and qualified as a teacher I hope that for the last 15 years I was able to bring some of my life and work experiance to my students.

read, craft or any other hobby you like


7 months ago

Help someone do better !

And surprisingly time will pass faster...

Not to be a wiseacre, but seriously, wait until you're older. I'm almost 50 and at least once a day I find myself looking at the clock/calendar and being all "WTF just happened?!"

Of course, when I told my mom, she said to wait until I'm in my 70s.

Welcome to a nice place..

This is a marvelous answer much like a "Catch 22"


Or a sublime wisdom of the Deli Lama

Padawan, First you must let time pass through the gray cells before you understand how to make it fly by... But when that understanding does strike.. You will be seeking to slow the time bird...

Sit outside and stare at the sky (is most effective at night).

approach the speed of light.

Of course, things will get pretty heavy for ya too.

Get old? It was just last Christmas a few months ago. For me, days fly by in the (figurative) wink of an eye. Weeks are like days used to be when I was a kid. What was once a drag waiting for a Holiday is now "Wow, how'd that creep up on me?", and "Wow, it's over already"?

Summer is the real shocker. Just about when I finally get used to the idea of it being summer, summer is over. Every year it's the same, I look forward to the coming summer, and then it passes me by.

Trust me when I say this, enjoy slow time while you can. Do everything you can to fill that time productively. Time progressively speeds up as you grow older and it can become harder and harder to keep up. I never have "bored" moments any more. Just moments when I reflect that there's not enough time to do everything I need and want to do.

Sorry for the "old guy commentary", but it has to be said. Time (and life) seems infinite when one is young, but after a certain point - at least for msot people - it becomes patently obvious that life is actually rather fleeting.