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what can i do with may corks.....my family drinks alot of wine? Answered


you should attach them all together and make a cork canoe, then paddle up some river, get captured by cannibals who view your canoe as some sort of heathen artifact of the Antichrist who lock you up while they prepare their poeople-cooking cauldron... then formulate a plan, bust out of cell, stip the bark off a tree and use your newly discovered canoe-building skills to build another canoe to escape!

Don't forget to photoblog the entire adventure. I expect a full report be the end of the year.

I just saw a viddi wherein a guy made one of those sunburst trivets (so 70s!) with just a small drill, fishing line and corks (OK, he also recommended a clamp, so people didn't injure themselves while drilling the cork holes).

That inspired me to consider making a door mat out of old corks; they're waterproof, right?  And I could hot glue, rather than drill.

But I wonder if corkwood is sturdy enough to wipe my shoes before entering my home.  I like the zigzag tiled look that was popular in bulletin boards.  So, if it's not working as a door mat, I can use the other side as a message center.

And IPod Guy is right, there's pages of auctions for both new and used corks on eBay.

Make a cork trivet like in the airline catalogues. VERY impressive gifts, too. Chrislee

I used my parents' corks to decorate a picture frame from the dollar store, with hot glue. They loved it, as all their favorite wines have the brands' logos stamped on the corks. (It actually didn't look like a 5-year-old made it in Kindergarten, as it sounds.) I put a picture of them taken in Italy inside. I like the cork canoe idea better, though.

You can give them to me. I need corks for wedding favors. Seriously - sell them on eBay. There's quite the little market for corks.

Just look up cork in the instructables search bar, there are plenty of projects requiring cork.