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what can i do with old golf clubs? Answered

i have many out dated golf clubs, there has to be something creative i can do with them to sell at a flea market , i need bucks help


I used the shafts as reinforcement for a small retaining wall I built. I ran out of rebar and did not want to make "another" trip to home depot. Had these old, cheap clubs collecting dust so I cut off the heads, removed the grips, and wired the shafts into the rest of the rebar. Seeing these other suggestions it would have been cut to plant the head in the top of the wall.

I'd like the answer to this also...I have been researching it for weeks. I'll share what I found in hopes that others will add to it.
1. Tables - . Take four golf clubs and cut them in half. Use the bottom halves for the legs of the table. Use hot glue or bonding glue to mount the club heads on furniture coasters. (Get help selecting the best glue at a craft or hardware store.) Let them dry. Hot glue or glue brown or black golf balls on the tops of the golf clubs. Glue the other ends of the golf clubs to the golf balls, connecting the shafts in a square with golf balls at each corner. Let them dry. Now you have the frame of the table. For the top, use an old wooden chess board. (If you don't have one, you can probably find one at a pawn shop or junk store.) Glue the chess board to the top of the golf balls, and you have a table. You can either set drinks on it or play chess with it.

2. Shadow Box Frame - . Create a frame for the shadow box by measuring the sides of the box and cutting an old golf club to match each side. The four heads and shortened shafts of these clubs make a frame. Line up the clubs so that a head is at each corner of the frame and a shaft connects one head to the next. Use bonding glue to stick the shortened clubs to the sides of the shadow box.

3. Magazine Stand - Get an old wooden crate, and paint it green. Glue different colored golf balls on the bottom at each corner of the crate. Cut old golf clubs to match the length of each side of the opening of the crate. Spray paint the clubs to match the colors of the golf balls. Glue the clubs along the edges of the crate opening. Paint golf flag sticks on each side of the crate to match the color of the balls and the clubs.

4. Shoe Rack (Pic Attached)

5. Coat Hangers (Pic Attached)

6. Steering Wheel (Pic Attached)

7. End Table (Pic Attached)

8. Bottle Opener (Pic Attached)

9. License Plate Holder (Pic Attached)

10. Chair (Pic Attached)

11. IPad/Remote Control Holder (Pic Attached)

12. Lamp (Pic Attached)

Bottle Opener.jpgChair.jpgCoat Hanger.jpgEnd Table.jpgIPad_Remote Holder.jpgLamp.jpgLicense Plate.jpgShoe Rack.jpgSteering Wheel.jpg

That's easy just sell for some cash and get something better.

Impact them with as many Macintosh computers you can find... ;) (yes, I am a Mac hater.)

I agree UBUNTU LINUX FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep... I actually like Windows, but I also really like Ubuntu... especially since it's free! :)

Yes. Part of why I dislike windows is because it isn't as well written as some versions of linux, but the main reason I dislike it is because of microsofts sleazy business practices and their stealing of ideas. And that they run other companies out of business by copying their products and then forcing them down peoples throats.

Ya, I understand what you mean, but you have to know them if you want to work in the computer industry. (Also, most software is for Windows, and I don't really like using wine, and I don't know linux as well as I do Windows... I'm pretty sure I would like linux more than Windows if I knew it better than Windows...) ;)

I know that you need to know them if you want to work in the computer industry. I do want to work in the computer industry so right now I am looking into getting microsoft certified. Reminds me of the Van Halen song "Runnin With the Devil"

There are aplications to do allot of things in linux browsing, word proccessing, and others. That works great if you live on a nice little island where you don't need to comunicate with anyone. But if you start having to run special software or certain programs from a company or manufacturer then you have to start "runnin with the devil".

If the shaft is strong enough, use them for a walking cane.

If they are still in good condition you could sell them on EBAY.

You could make lots of things...

Make coat hooks with the metal ends (just attach to a rectangular board).

Use the clubs as "legs" and make a book shelf, or a table.

Make a wind chime with some of the handles and a club end in the center.

The club ends could also be used as "finials" for curtain rods.

See... there's lots of things you can make. ;)